The word goes to professionals that use our products as to why did they choose Jer stirrup-irons.

Luca Maria Moneta with Jesus

Luca Moneta is an Italian rider, third level federal instructor, with an experience in the competitive world of showjumping both on National and International levels, and practicing the profession of riding instructor for many years. His career is rich of successes and satisfactions obtained both on the competition grounds than from his students that from always follow his methods with brilliant results.

JER stirrup-irons are beautiful, functional and I find them good and comfortable, and they are produced by a great friend!

Paolo Zuvadelli with Wilma

Paolo Zuvadelli is an Italian rider, third level federal instructor, other than being a II grade Rider specialised in Jumping. Trainer of young horses, participating in Classic and Excellence Circuits, in National and International competions both in Italy than abroad.

I use Jer stirrups because they are comfortable, technical and particularly elegant at the same time, with the possibility of the exclusive personalizations which makes them exclusive and original

Kevin Thorton

Marco Salvatori con Gran Leonardo IV

To be honest I tried them by chance, even though I was curious to try them. I’m not a rider that’s particlarly attracted by new products. All I need is a saddle, stirrup-irons and head-gear….. and good technique, obviously…. to be able to do my best. But when I tried JER stirrup-irons…. well to be honest…… I don’t think I’ll change them ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruna Ungari

Bruna Ungari, young rider, that for anagraphic reasons, us from Jer consider our mascot, has obtained a second place in the Presidents’ Cup Trophy in Manerbio Ponylandia, representing the region of Lombardia and was classified 2nd in the CSI International Pony competition on the Sunday, arriving 5th and 8th in the previous days, therefore gaining positions in all the three days with clear rounds on May Be de Garenne. From January 2012, she has been elected at only 12years of age in the Lomabardia Gold Team.

Jer stirrups-irons for me are the best

Christian Fioravanti

I had the possibility to try Jer stirrup-irons, with which I felt really good. They have the technical possibility to regulate the weight according to persoanl requirements with a practical method and a small movement, the grip is very stable, and they have a really endearing design with the possibility of choosing from many elegant colours anfd with many personalization choices, making them extremely comfortable and very stylish!

Clem Smith with Fiorina

Norbert Vaccari

I use Jer stirrups because they are very elegant esthetically, but the most important thing is that they have an excellent grip in all conditions, and even if very light, when one happens to loose them they always return to their original position, making it easy and quick to fit them.